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The importance of social media’s role in modern marketing efforts can no longer be ignored. In today’s marketplace, organizations need effective, profitable social marketing strategies. With this increasing importance on social media strategies, there is a need for marketing professionals and organizations to have end‐to‐end social media expertise. Academy of Digital Marketing is one of the best Social Media Marketing Training Institute in Kolhapur. Through our training & interactive sessions, students will learn most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin to design & manage social media campaigns to promote growth & position your brand in the global digital marketplace

Social Media Marketing (SMO)

  • What is Social Media?

  • Use of Social Media to generate the business

  • Different Social Media Platforms


  • Overview of Facebook

  • Creating Facebook Pages

  • Page Settings

  • Facebook Posts & Events

  • Facebook Ad Structure

  • Setting up Facebook ad account

  • Ad Targetting, Bidding & Budgeting

  • Remarketing

  • Insights & Reporting


  • Overview of Youtube

  • Creating Youtube Channel

  • You tube Views & Subscriptions

  • Uploading Videos

  • Youtube Analytics & Insights

  • Video Manager


  • Overview of Linkedin

  • Creating Linkedin Account

  • Creating Linkedin Company Page

  • Linkedin Connections

  • Running Paid Campaign

  • Linkedin Ad Formats

  • Ad Targetting, Bidding & Budgeting

  • Linkedin Insights & Reports


  • Introduction to twitter

  • Twitter Account

  • Hash Tag

  • Tweets & Re-tweets

  • Different Twitter Tools